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  1. I_Hate_Twilight93
    09-25-2010 08:35 PM
    ^~^" Yeah...And wtf? No offence to you or your friend, but is she like retarded or something? And the other one thinks you have a yellow submarine, huh? <----- I don't recall there being a such thing as a YELLOW submarine, which makes me think this one is a little off too xD Such a fanciful imagination is such a precious thing, but why'd you tell her it was a submarine under the boat? xP Oh Jessie-Bear, anyhow-- after a year, I would've thought she would know that there was NO submarine, if there was she would have seen it by now. It's always fun to mess around with people, especially when they are gullible enough to fall for your tricks xP and don't you think telling her at graduation would ruin your fun? Tell her you shall take her on it for graduation x) and buy a yellow toy replica of one, then ask her is she ready to see your submarine xP when she says 'yes' show her the toy, she will be so pissed, haha.
  2. I_Hate_Twilight93
    09-23-2010 07:58 PM
    And you have hypoglycemia? Terribly sorry to hear that dear...Don't worry about forgetting things though, you can't help it Jessie-Bear Don't concern yourself with getting weird on me either xD because often if not I AM weird too, which brings me to the whole Felix thing, I am just messing with his head, cause thats what teenaged girls do xP I started the whole love thing Jessie, and it seems to freak him the f*** out, when I write things about us eloping and a actual wedding afterwards xD I do the damnedest things. Though I might be taking this a bit far...? It WAS a spur of the moment thing, cause first I had words with him. I am gonna keep it going as long as I can though. xD
  3. Felix Thunderheart
    09-23-2010 07:55 PM
    Felix Thunderheart
    Well, I don't know if I'm really religious and all, but I try getting closer to God and try to live my life for him.
  4. I_Hate_Twilight93
    09-23-2010 07:52 PM
    Oh? Goody Haha too many bumps to the head jessie? And I know tell me about it, I feel bad that I have one too, at least it wouldn't be so bad if she was not mean to me ALL the time! Lol, those must be some hell of a crazy neighbors xD My neighbors were nosy AND they fought a lot, and I don't blame you for not trusting her if she steals your stuff, I would watch her, and stick to her like stink on *****, can't be friends if you don't trust her and she takes your ***** all the time. And don't worry Jessie-Bear you've not bored me to death.
  5. I_Hate_Twilight93
    09-22-2010 10:16 PM
    Kewl Jessie , and the best way to make yourself known is to be BOLD~ And please don't feel that way,dear. If anything screw them :P! Cause they are ALL just losers, who aren't as cool as you or have a great personality, you are kinda like the little sister I never had The one I have is ANNOYING and a little B**** and she beats me. On to another subject...Me and Felix? o>,>o Oh dear, you read those? I suppose they ARE just there in the open for anyone to see! *Is embarrassed* Don't feel bad though, its cool ^,^" Um, what love stuff are you referencing to? I'm afraid I don't know what you speak of Jessie-bear. Why would one of us be possessed, Jess? xD And its not a stupid question, just curiosity~ Which is a wonderful thing, for the young o^_^o. What do you mean by "Never influence my life SORT of"? <,<"
  6. Felix Thunderheart
    09-22-2010 05:41 PM
    Felix Thunderheart
    Well, I hope I was right what I said to Blu Cup.... He really hate me for believing in God.
  7. I_Hate_Twilight93
    09-21-2010 07:07 PM
    Yaaaaaayzeeeeeer! Brainwash them all! Muwahahaha~ Yeah dear, thats just life for you, if it doesn't suck and throw curve-balls at you, you will never learn anything useful for certain situations Just gotta cope with it the best way you know how! Those are scary thoughts J. BUT unfortunately thoughts of death and end time plague me too...If they didn't, I wouldn't be able to write my beautifully melancholy poems, and just going to toss my opinion up in the air, nobody wants to live forever, for forever is a lonely existence♥~ Don't dwell on it too much though, as for sleep-- meditation and music helps me a lot. Try it? And everything centers around HM for you doesn't it? Lol, I was that way once. Good luck with those sleep issues hunni-Bee :P
  8. Felix Thunderheart
    09-20-2010 08:47 PM
    Felix Thunderheart
    I'm loving Kingdom Heart birth by sleep
  9. I_Hate_Twilight93
    09-18-2010 10:48 PM
    Hey Moon! o^,^o How's life and school been treating ya? Hopefully not like me and have it much better, too darn busy to play HM or get online -,- I WAS sorta of getting tired of those lazy summer days.
  10. Freyashawk
    09-10-2010 05:42 AM
    I play the games constantly. Right now, I have four files going in Grand Bazaar, both boy and girl to try to gain information for my Grand Bazaar site and guides. I am only one person, though, so it all takes time and many updates!

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