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Default Mineral Town Mystery text based Game

So, I thought I'd start a different type of game -- one that's more collaborative rather than competetive. There is a plot/small mystery going on in Mineral Town! Work together to solve it ^_^

This game is based on those old school text based adventures (like the older King's Quest or Space Quest games)

I play the computer, you, collectively, will all be the player.


You stand in front of the entrance of Doug's INN. There are hedges lining the pathway in front, filled with colorful red berries. Obvious directions are: NORTH, EAST,and WEST.

Players can write basic commands: (Look at bush, Take berries, Enter Inn, etc) And I'll respond.

Anyone can jump in and play.
This world is based on Mineral Town. There's no real need to be super familiar with the game to play this one. But, if it's helpful, this is the layout of Mineral Town displayed on Cherubae's website:


- Please no more than 4 commands/queries per post
- This is meant to be fun, and you will get some weird answers -- but remember, you're working towards finishing the plot
- Please keep in mind that I can't be on all the time, so please be patient with me.
- You cannot go to more than 2 different places per turn/post ( You can go: Go to BEACH, look at water, enter ZACK's House -- but not Go BEACH, look sand, Go ROSE SQUARE, Go CHURCH ) If you want to move further, wait until your next post.
- If I haven't answered your post yet, you may post another list of commands after 3 hours, but not before.
- Remember to keep things (such as commands) appropriate to this message board.

- Examine things
- If it's easier, you can move towards your destination by saying where you want to go -- but you have to go no more than 2 places at a time
- Remember your inventory
- To make things easier, you don't have to move exactly in order (as in, you can jump from the Beach all the way to the library if you want, but I recommend being thurogh)

So, let's start ^_^

You hear the voice of the Harvest Goddess in your dreams. She tells you that Chef, the red sprite is missing. All she knows is that he is on MOTHER'S HILL SUMMIT, but she cannot go herself to get him. She asks that you find out what is wrong.

You wake from your dream and deaprt from your FARM and make your way to MOTHER'S HILL SUMMIT. But, when you arrive you find that the PATHWAY TO SUMMIT is blocked by a large wall of overgrown thorn bushes and you cannot get through. Behind the wall of thorns you can hear Chef, calling for help.

Current Story summary

The player has found that their sickle is not strong enough to cut down the thorn bushes trapping Chef. A search for an axe has begun.
The player has learned so far that Saibara has the axe you need, but he'll only trade it for a golden egg. When the player goes to the Poultry Farm, they find out that Popuri is off somewhere and Rick will help you find her after he finishes his chores and gets a ring he ordered from Gray.
Gray unfortunately tells you that three rings he's made have been stolen by a Plaid Sprite.
The task of tracking down this sprite and getting the rings back is underway.

After you ask around about the Plaid Sprite, your search leads you to the library. There you discover a book that contained one of the rings. One down, two to go.

Known Inventory

- Sickle
- Watering can
- Hammer
- Tomato (3)
- Turnip seeds (5)
- Dog ball
- Fish
- Moth sized axe


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