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Default Is this game any good?

I was thinking of buying Afrika for PlayStation 3 if the price drops a bit more (to $20) Is it any fun at all? I loved Pokemon Snap but perhaps it was only because I loved Pokemon and seeing them in their natural habitats was really fun.

Would anyone recommend this game?
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Nobody has responded to this, and I know it's a little old, but I worked at Gamestop for a while. My manager who worked there told me that he loves it because he's into photography and stuff. I'm not sure how rewarding the game would be to someone who doesn't like those kinds of aesthetic beauties in life, and it may not be the most re playable game in the world, but I wouldn't mind picking up a copy for myself. If nothing else, then for the sake of saying I played it.
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I see. I will probably buy the game soon and write a review for the community.
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Its decent but in my opinion you have to have some patience.
Wildlife is beautiful.
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I agree with Marune.

I got this game oddly enough for my dad to try it (since he likes photography).

It's interesting and like Marune says, has beautiful graphics. There's a wide range of motion so you can take pictures from quite a few angles. My first mission out, I got too close to some hippos....they didn't like that hahaha

It's defintely worth a try I think. If you liked Pokemon Snap, Afrika might also appeal to you ^_^
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