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Default Your Rival Couples...

Who do you want the rival couples to be, excluding Wizard, Witch, H. Goddess, H. King...
Pair them up and tell why, Here goes mine...

Chase and Selena because there both Rude
Toby and Maya because I think Toby would be able to calm her down...
Jin and Pheobe because they're both smart, they could cure cancer...
Gil and Anissa because they both love helping people....
Owen and Candace because there both kinda gentle, and soft...
Julius and Luna cause they both love fashion and are you know, in your face....
Calvin and Kathy because Calvin looks like he can ride a horse and Kathy could mine a little...
Luke and Renee they're hard working and Luke could build a barn for her...

So thats mine and I think that they could all have good looking kids...
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Okay, let's see here.

Renee and Toby work fine together for me, same with Gill and Luna. I think those couples are great.

Maya with Luke, because they're so hyper ahhh
Chase with Phoebe. His sarcasm wouldn't really affect her as much, and she could probably just throw it back at him :P
Selena and Julius because they would be crazy fashion people! lol
Anissa and Owen would be nice together.
Jin and Kathy because... um.
Candace and Calvin would be good together... uh.

The last three are total crack pairings XD I couldn't think of anything.

Just for the record, I always thought that the Witch and Wizard would be funny together.
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Hahah wow... this is a really interesting question...

While I can't pair them all up neatly, I think that a bit of shuffling would work out.

Selena and Julius -- I agree with Tigerlili. They're also just so...flamboyant. I think they'd have a lot of fun together

Kathy and Chase -- They work together and somehow I think when Chase is getting a little too...cold, Kathy could smack some sense back into him XD

Candace and Owen -- Because they're both nice and I think they'd appreciate that about each other. Also, if Candace is too timid, Owen could stand up for her.

Gill and Anissa -- for the same reasons that Justomatick stated. They'd both be good people to help run the town. But... I dunno, maybe it's just me but Gill looks too young for Anissa haha

Hmm... that's about it. I think most of the official pairs are good ones. The only ones I thought were odd were Chase + Maya and Julius + Candace (but it's an interesting contrast). Selena with Luke is a little bit of an odd fit for me, I'd think that he'd go for more of a down to earth girl. Gill and Luna seem right...but I dunno...hahaha

Whew, that was fun XD

~ Kaoru
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Chase and Luna: Luna walks into the inn and sees Chase cooking. She starts to yell for his attention and he ignores her. Hilarity follows.
Kathy and Luke: Both happy people and more on the same level than Luke and Selena.
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gill and cathy. cathy is energetic and would bring life to the town if she were to help gill run it. think how much more exciitng festivals would be if she were in charge.

luke and candace cuz they both have an air of innocence about them.

selena and owen. owen is at the bar every night anyway, so the two of them are probably already good friends.

julius and luna....they can dress each other.

i think renee and toby are a good fit.

the doc and witch princess....he needs some humor and some silliness in his life.
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Lets see ..

Candace + Luke : cuz Candace is so shy and Luke is so hyper , I want to see what will happen if they got married xD haha

Wizard + Witch : idk ..... cuz there names starts with "W" and "i" ?? xD lol

Maya + Harvest King : Hair defies gravity xD
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Luke x Kathy. I dunno, they look good together. Teenage couple or something.
Julius x Luna. They have so much similarities (love pumpkin pie, fashion, and anything beautiful)
Owen x Selena. lol mature couple. Luke is too young for Selena imo.
Chase x Renee. Chase seems to like dairy products and everything Shining produced by a farm. He's best to take as a rancher's husband for that case. Plus, he always participate in Harvest Festival. That's why I think he's close with a farm's lifestyle. But because Anissa wouldn't look good with him so...
Toby x Candace. Their personality compliments each other.
Jin x Phoebe. Jin would love to have someone around to ship him some medicinal herbs and Pontata Roots.
Calvin x Anissa. To shorten the age different. It seems they both are in the same age range though.
Gill x ???. I know the only girl left is Maya. lol but that'll make this pairing cracked.

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Most are perfect for me...

Julius x Candace is especially perfect. Julius is outgoing, Candace is shy, opposites attract <3

Kathy x Owen is also perfect, since I see both as the older sibling types... And they seem to get along anyways (-got them married in my save-)

I actually find Selena x Luke perfectly acceptable, too. Luke seems like the kind of guy who, despite being attractive to Selena, is kind of naive when it comes to girls and being, well, an adult, and would be so dense about her obvious attempts to seduce him. Hilarious right?

I would like Chase x Renee. Please don't ask I just... Ahh XD

Jin x Candace is one I quite like, also. Dunno why. Just seems legit.

Toby x Selena is hilarious crack and I enjoy hilarious crack. It would be almost the same as the Luke x Selena scenario except Toby is more mature, though he's so laidback and he wouldn't even notice... Heeehee.
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Luke and Kathy cuz I dunno just thought they'd be good.
Owen and Selena cuz well there would be no choice due to my other pairing.

The rest are good for me.
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I honestly think the Witch and Wizard needs to be used.

WizardxMaya: I saw this combo in a fanfiction. Honestly, it makes sense to me. Wizard is so quiet, Maya can fill in the conversation for them. Maybe after a while, she would get used to him not talking so much, she would learn to be a bit quieter. I can see Maya showing the Wizard what she has learned in cooking that day, and later on, he teaches her about the stars. Seems cute to me. :3
JinxKathy: I can imagine them quite well together. Jin, maybe eating at the bar (can't imagine him drinking, being a doctor and all). Kathy comes up and starts flirting with him. Him blushing profusely, and trying to think in an intellectual sense what it means. She would make his life entertaining. XD
CalvinxSelena: They are both older. I can really imagine Calvin, enjoying Selena's company. He would pay special attention to her dancing, and him showing her things he's found, while she asks him questions about different things.
ChasexPheobe: This seems like a nice couple. I could never see him with Luna. He would think she was annoying or something. Him and Witch would seem strange. Candace is too quiet. Anissa and Renee both don't seem right. But I can see him with Pheobe. She is not quiet, and not too loud. She would come home, and he would be cooking. "Hey, try this." He would tell her. She would try a bit, nod, and say it was good. He asks if she found much in the mines that day. She nods, and shows him what she found.
OwenxCandice: I can see him being over protective of her, and trying to get her to come out of her shell. She would try her best for him. Other would appreciate each other's occupations.
TobyxWitch: He is easy going, and not very fun. I can see Witch forcing him to help her with experiments, and adding a bit of fun to his life.
JuliusxLuna: Their personalities are pretty much the exact same. I could see Luna picking out and getting clothes made for them both, while Julius picks out the perfect accessories to go with them both.
GillxRenee: Wasn't quite sure between her and Anissa. I think she would be a better fit, as she could make him smile more than I think Anissa would.
LukexAnissa: Anissa would appreciate Luke. Again, not quite sure between her and Renee.
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