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Originally Posted by klim View Post
I'd rather see bigger titles be localized. Tales of Hearts/Innocence, One Piece Gigant Battle 2, Fire Emblem, etc?

Tales of Innocence is being redone for the PSVita so there is a chance that Namco Bandai will release it outside of Japan. One Piece: Pirate Warriors has been confirmed for both US and Europe. Giant Battle was released not too long ago in Europe so it will definitely take a while before we hear anything about a sequel.
Fire Emblem Awakening has already been announced for Europe and based on what Operation Rainfall has achieved, I'm sure a US version isn't very far either.

Just be patient. Some dreams do come true
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I like cute games.
I wanna see more cute games brought other from Japan.
I'm not a real bigger fighting game fan either.
Though some cute games do have fighting in them which makes them exciting.
Like the Dragon Quest series, it's cute and has fighting.
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