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Default Harvest moon for pc windows

Can the natsume make a harvest MOON FOR pc windows xp, some peole dont have gameboy or nintendo ds or psp or ps3, but they want to play harvest moon on pc, some peole make emulator so they can play harvest moon back to nature of ps1 in pc windows, but it has no good graphics maybe you can make a pc version of harvest moon so more people enjoy playing instead the kids play violence games, like gta and etc. They should know the good about farming and taking responsibility, harvest moon is the best game for everyone, is there any posibilities that there will be a pc version of harvestmoon? Ty



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Firstly, there is a PC-version of Harvest Moon, kind of. It's currently only available in Japanese and you play it in your browser (in other words: It's an online game). It's not really like the other Harvest Moon games, but it's still a Harvest Moon game. For more information, visit

Secondly, Natsume are not the developers behind all the Harvest Moon games. They translate and publish them, not develop. Marvelous Entertainment are the developers.

Thirdly, a "pure" PC version of Harvest Moon will most likely not happen. I don't think Marvelous Entertainment believe as much in the PC game market as in the console game market. With that said, I don't mean that it's impossible. It may happen, but most likely not.

Note: I'm not angry or anything, I'm just wanted to explain a few thing for you.
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