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Exclamation Let's All Harvest Moon!/Minna De Bokujou Monogatari Discussion Topic

Let's All Harvest Moon!/Minna De Bokujou Monogatari [Official Website]
* Game is still in development. Gameplay and specifications are subject to change.

Well, this is the infamous "harvest moon online" every wants so much. Instead of one farmer, you, the player, assign tasks to sprites in this game. The game was released in Japan sometime ago, however, it is possible for non-japanese players to play as well if you have the nerve or know a japanese. I was expecting this game to be a flash game on Facebook or something to replace Farmville. It kinda reminds me of it. I think this game might not be under Natsume's jurisdiction, but since most Harvest Moon fans are here, you guys should really know.
For more information on Minna de Bokujou Monogatari and how to play, visit Ushi no Tane.

Console: Computer / Web browser
Japan Release: November 25, 2010

Minna de Bokujou Monogatari (EN: Lets all Harvest Moon) is a browser-based version of Harvest Moon. You are in charge of a small island where you grow crops, raise animals, decorate your island, and even visit other player's islands.

The game has a quest system run by the Harvest Goddess. She will give you a specific chore to accomplish, and you are rewarded with gold, materials, and/or experience points (level and grade). Her quest paths also unlock additional quests.

The game is free to play but it helps to have a basic understanding of Japanese. The account system is managed by MooG Games and not Marvelous Entertainment. There are some items in the game that you can only buy using SP, which you receive by spending real money.

Marvelous first announced plans to build a PC version of Harvest Moon at their 10 year anniversary party (back in 2007 or so) and have been fielding questions about it until June 2010, when the game was officially announced. The closed beta took place during October, and the game was publicly opened in November.
- Ushi no Tane,
Your task in the game is to go through the Harvest Goddess' quests. You will be given a quest, then you assign the Harvest Sprites to complete the quest. When you finish, you can pick a new quest to challenge.

Harvest Sprites are like "turns" you can do in the game. When you first start, you only have 2 Harvest Sprites you can use. The sprites live in their stubby tree trunk and will emerge as you create tasks for them to do. You can see how many sprites you own by looking at the sprite bar at the top of the screen. The bar will tell you how many you have available and how many total you own (ie, 3/4 is you have 3 sprites who can work and 4 total).

The types of sprites that emerge from the tree trunk will vary depending on the task you have available to them. You'll see yellow sprites for tending crops, orange sprites for raising animals, green sprites for clearing trees, grey sprites for mining boulders, etc. You can unlock more sprites to use as you go through the Harvest Goddess' quests.
- Ushi no Tane,
Gameplay Screenshots:

Game Beginning! Customize your farm! Assign sprites to different tasks!

Play with Friends! Visit friends farm islands and help! Share profits!

Complete Quests! Complete quests from the Harvest Goddess!
Receive handsome prizes and unlock more Harvest Sprites, crops, animals, and...quests!!

Credit to Cher @ Fogu for game information and screenshots.
Minna de Bokujou Monogatari Marvelous Entertainment Inc.

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