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And I would NEVER marry the Harvest King ! Never ! I mean he doesn't even live with you lol
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As a guy, I will not marry Maya. I prefer girls who can cook, and we all know that she even can't make something decent. When I was in a New Game+ quest, she gave me tips to make a Cheese Cake and she said I have to add mayo in it. -___-
As a girl, I will not marry Julius for the same reason most of the people have stated.
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I won't marry the Harvest Goddess. She (like the Harvest King) doesn't live with you!

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The only one that really annoys me in any way is Maya. If I were playing a male, she'd be off the list. Her cutesy talk and obsession with food is just too over-the-top.

As a female, none of them are really bad. Owen is sort of boring I guess. I sometimes forget he is even in the game, as I don't see him too often.
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I would have to agree, I don't really like Maya either.
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Hmm...Selena annoys if I played as a boy I wouldn't marry her.
As a girl, I wouldn't marry Owen. Or Luke, since my sister married him and I feel weird marrying the same guy as her XD

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I like to play both genders in Harvest Moon Games.

As a Boy: Maya, Luna and Harvest Goddess.

I don't really hate them.
They just aren't very interesting to me.

As a Girl: Luke and Ignus/Harvest King.

I like Ignus/Harvest King as a character but ummmm marrying him is just too hard.
As for Luke, I never found a reason in any harvest moon game to marry him.
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As a boy, probably Selena or Kathy. As a girl, Owen, Gill, Wizard, or the Harvest King..
Not really sure why, I just never liked any of them. xD
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I'm a guy character at the moment. I would never marry Maya. She annoys me to no end and I HATE her hair. I also don't care for Candace.. she just seems boring.

If I were a girl character, I wouldn't marry Julius or Gill.
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Originally Posted by HarvestMoon View Post
Julius. No offense to Harvest-moon-fan-boy cuz he Is your avatar. My friends and I mistool him for a girl at first.
This I totally regret saying.

Julius is adorabloodthirsty.
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