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I think you have to walk them to go on the festials with.
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oh my... xD this thread made me LOL
I walked my husband once when I went fishing... I just randomly did it so I could watch him as I waited for the fish to bite. (It gets lonely fishing alone you know =p )
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It boosts their heart levels. I take Julius to festivals with me. :3
He seems to like going for walks. ^^ <3

I <3 Olaf.
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Wooowww, this is an old thread. .__.;;

I rarely took Toby out for walks. Mostly I sent him to go fishing. I only took him on walks on festival days.

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I find this thread title hilarious, and I'm not sure why.
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After reading this, I too find it funny. x3

I married Chase, and I never walk him. He's a stay-at-home daddy to Riley and Teddy. xD I never bothered walking any of them, they shall remain in my house dungeon forever. ^-^
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Originally Posted by HM4eva View Post
I just married chase, (who is totally hot by the way!) and i think its really weird that you walk him like my pet cat! whats the significance?
Yay! I just married Chase, too :3 isn't he the cutest? He gave me a Shining Box Lunch last time I played. I did not like walking my husband either. I wish they could have latched hands and swung them together and skip or something while we walked. Not following me around. Nice post :3
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