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Kunio Goes Medieval!

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Paradise City has been invaded! It is up to you, brave soldier, to help take the city back! Complete action-packed Missions in this action tank game! Power up your tanks to take on increasingly difficult enemies, replay Missions to get better rankings to help power up your tank, and use your radar to plan key tactical strikes!

Choose from three different types of tanks to take on the enemy, including huge and fearsome boss tanks! Each mission has its own goal, varying from defeating all enemies, taking down a specific base, rescuing a civilian vehicle, and more. To accomplish goals and grab the highest star ranking, players can choose to deploy one of three tanks.

Get ready to defeat the invading forces and return the "Paradise" back to Paradise City!

• Choose from one of three tanks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses!
• The Wii U version get some extra goodies, with both Versus Play and Versus Co-Op play, so pass a controller to your friend!


2D image of Nintendo 3DS game

Screenshots (WiiU)

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