Nintendo 3DS

Revive the Land, Save a Village!

Kunio Goes Medieval!

Game Info

Times have changed in the land known as the Oasis of the Harvest Goddess. Many people used to live in Skytree Village, and the land was lush and green. However, the power of the Harvest Goddess gradually began to wane, and the land became parched and dry. It's up to you to revive the seven Skytrees in order to give the Harvest Goddess her power back, and, in turn, bring life back to this desolate land!

• New cast of characters!
• User friendly tutorials & farming!
• New fishing mechanics!
• The Poitou Donkey!
• Play as a boy or a girl, woo bachelors and bachelorettes, and start a family!
• Terraform your land any way you like!


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