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Journey to the Legendary Alcao!

Kunio Goes Medieval!

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Everyone's favorite goth girl, Gabrielle, returns in new duel/puzzle game for iOS, Gabrielle's Monstrous Duel!

■Turn-Based Battles with Zombies!

Players will have to face off against their zombie opponents in epic battle after epic battle. However, just blindly picking items to use won't make you victorious! Choose from various attack and defense options to defeat the zombies! You'll need brains instead of brawn to win these duels!


Atop Mt. Yeti in Monsterville lives a gigantic bird, Alcao. Its feathers are said to grant eternal life to anyone who catches one of them. One night on a full moon, Alcao was flying through the night sky, and one of its feathers fell to the ground. This caused the zombies that were sleeping to wake up, as they wanted the feather for themselves! It's up to Gabrielle and her friends to send the zombies back to their graves, and return the feather back to Alcao!



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